An Overview of the Process
Estate / Personal Life Planning 
Personal Life Planning for the future welfare of a person with a disability is specialized estate planning that should be all encompassing and address all areas of the person's life.
The purpose of the 'Estate Life Plan' is to make certain that the person with a disability will continue to have a meaningful life, once  family memebrs who may currently provide care and advocacy support, for him or her, die or become incapacitated. 
There are five separate and distinct steps that we follow when we help families plan for their family member with disabilities: 
               1.  Futures Planning
               2.  Financial Planning
               3.  Legal Planning
               4.  Program Finalizing
               5.  Maintenance Planning
It is extremely important that the professional, who helps the family work through these steps, has a good working knowledge of county, state, and federal government benefit programs.  The planning professional should also be sensitive to the concerns of all parties involved.  Our office has been helping families plan for over 25 years.  We pioneered special needs planning in Iowa.  You can rely on our experience. 
If the person with the disability is capable, I strongly encourage him or her to participate in the development of this program, because it is his or her life we are talking about.  Their input is extremely valuable.
You can review each of the five steps by holding your curser over the Estate / Personal Life Planning tab and then by clicking on the step that you want to read. However, you will need to send our office an E-mail with your EM address and other contact information in order to access these sub-tabs.  Please click on the Contact Us tab to send your information and request access to this valuable information.  We look forward to assisting you.